Carolyn Pankalla has been traveling around the world performing in front of thousands of people since she was 9 years old. She is spreading the message of hope and sharing her story of how tragedy turns to triumph; and how it has always been apart of her journey. Carolyn knows pain - she lost her mother when she was 6 in a car accident; one that almost took her life as well.  Later when she was 13, she lost her father in a house fire. After all these tragedies she turned to family and fortunately she had a strong foundation with an even stronger faith. There was no chance she was giving up. With her family by her side, she presses on, continuing to reach out all over the world, reaching millions with her message of hope. 

Carolyn’s says “One of the keys to winning is getting back up one time more than you’ve been knocked down. Completely trusting that the God is real and He loves YOU!”

While Carolyn reaches people all over the world; she has also been providing food & medicines for those in need. Furthermore she has built wells and orphanages in Africa. Carolyn says ”I feel I’m just getting started. Mother Theresa said they're born one at a time so we reach them one at a time.”  While I may only be reaching one at a time; I am proud to be this resource for many! 

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Carolyn is currently the worship pastor at First Baptist Clermont and has cohosted tv shows “Welcome Home” and “CURRENT.” Currently she cohosts a show called “The Full Life."

Carolyn has been married to Sean Pankalla for 21 years and has 3 children: Preston 19, Olivia 15, and Alexis who is 11.

She is currently believing God will help her open up a home and refuge for girls who have been trafficked and abused. Learn more about Serenity Orchards!

Her single "Broken into Beautiful" went to “22”on the charts

"Veterans of the USA" went #1 on the CMT video awards.

She has sung at the White House twice to perform for president Ronald Reagan

She has sung for mother Teresa and helped her at her charity of “Destitute and Dying “

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