Serenity Orchards

There are over 20 million children missing worldwide RIGHT NOW!

Every 10 Seconds a Child is Abused or Raped

1 in 3 Girls Will Be Molested Before the Age 17

Human Trafficking is the abuse of children, women, and men for their bodies and labor. It's modern-day slavery.

Human Trafficking does NOT discriminate.

Age - Race - Gender

Unfortunately none of that matters when it comes to human trafficking.

Florida is #3 in the nation for trafficking victims

 89% of kids who go into foster care are trafficked

Sad little girl in warm clothes sitting alone on windowsill, looking out window, watching children play on street, forced to stay at home because of illness. Female child waiting for mother indoors
Close-up of schoolkid bullying a sad boy in corridor at school
Head And Shoulders Shot Of Upset Girl At Home



To End Human Trafficking ....

We MUST acknowledge it is REAL, and happening NOW in your community....

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We have a vision to save lives, break the cycle, and restore sex trafficking's called Serenity Farms. 

Join us in the Fight. 

"They are born one at a time, they die one at a time,
so we reach them one at a time."
- Mother Teresa


Your Donation Can Help Victims Recover from Being Exploited

residential program

Our Residential Program

Our 2-year program will provide a safe home for girls to live, heal, restore, and restart.
We provide food, shelter, healthcare, therapy, and job training at zero cost for the survivor.

who we are reaching

Who We Are Reaching

Girls that are survivors of sex trafficking and abuse Young girls that have become pregnant with nowhere to go
Girls that feel alone, forgotten, and afraid

What We Do

We have a 2-year program that gives them a home with a family-like environment.

  • Providing shelter, food and clothing
  • Therapies such as AA & NA
  • One on One Therapy
  • Garden Therapy
  • Animal-Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Life Coaching
We will teach them about:
  • Setting New Goals
  • Parenting Skills
  • Communication Techniques
  • Support for Job Finding
  • They get to see life and family modeled

Serenity Orchards Marketplace

We also will provide a way for them to begin to save money to get their own place.


80% of their income is put into savings to use for a fresh start with a new home and job.



World wide over 800,000 children go missing a year

There are over 20 million children missing worldwide right now

U.S.A is the #1 consuming country in the world of sex and labor trafficking

It’s not just little girls, it’s young boys, women, men-all ages, races, and genders

 California is #1, Texas is #2 and Florida is #3 in the nation for trafficking victims

89% of kids who go into foster care are trafficked

60% of recruiting is happening online


We can be a safe place they can call home

A place they can begin to heal, and trust again

We are rebuilding from the inside out because we believe every life matters and has a purpose

Every person deserves a chance to love and be loved. But they must have hope and feel lovable first!!

That’s where this story begins... won’t you be a part of rewriting their story?

How you can help?

It always makes a difference!
Help spread the word so eyes will be opened!
Be Aware!
Someone you know may need a home like this!
Prayerfully consider to stand with us monthly or with a one time gift.
Everything Makes a Difference!
Prayer and getting involved supports the mission to make a difference in someone’s future.
Love, Hope, Restoration.
These are powerful words!!
They represent NEW BEGINNINGS to these girls.
Providing guidance for better choices to build their self-worth and a chance for a future 

Questions About Serenity Orchards?